Basic Set 

Our Basic Set is good enough for most casual users. The set contains our custom interface, one black PU Leather /thin foam pad and one Oculus Rift VR Cover. You have the option of only using the foam padding and wiping it down between uses, or attaching the cotton cover for improved comfort and sweat absorption. 

Standard Set

The Standard Set contains all items included in the basic set, as well as two additional foam replacements in either red or blue. Whether you choose red or blue, the foam comes as a set containing two sizes (14mm and 6mm). The thicker of which is designed for more comfort or those with thinner faces, the thinner foam is better for larger faces or those who want to push field of view further.

More options with regards to foam size mean you're more likely to find a fit that works for you. 

Pro Set

The Pro Set contains the same items as the Basic and Standard Sets, but with even more choice. In this set you'll receive: 

2 x Interfaces
1 x 6mm Foam Replacement (blue)
1 x 14mm Foam Replacement (blue)
1 x 6mm Foam Replacement (red)
1 x 14mm Foam Replacement (red)
1 x Oculus Rift VR Cover

Two interfaces mean you don't need to bother which attaching and removing the foam replacements often, simply pull out the whole interface (with foam attached) and insert the new one.